Enviro Solutions Centre (ESC) 

Enviro Solutions centre is a registered NGO (080-795-NPO) based in South Afrika, working to promote environmental awareness through direct action.
Our 3 areas of focus are
  • Alternate Food Production: using Permaculture and Bio-dynamic Agriculture ideas and principles we promote and support growing food which is in harmony with the Earth.
  • Alternate Energy production: using simple low-tech mechanisms we can harvest free energy from the natural resources all around us from the sun, wind, water and most especially our waste.
  • Alternate Waste Management: waste is all around us and is filled with nutrients and energy is we are willing to shift the way we manage it. 

Using Permaculture Ethics as a guide we educate, inspire and motivate people to become an active part of healing themselves and the planet.

Permaculture Ethics:
  • Care of the Earth
  • Care for the People
  • Sharing of surplus
We invite you to join us and become part of a global counter culture of service to the Earth and Her People by promoting and supporting environmental awareness and action in your local community.

This site is currently under construction and we have no web master so we learn as we go, for more information please contact Mikal Lambert at mikal@envirosolutionscentre.com or call him on 084 961 9985(South Afrika)