Video Channel
Hi there, please take some time to have a look at few of the videos we have been playing with. We don't get to make videos of all our projects but this will give you a little taste of what we are doing to support and promote environmental awareness through direct actions.
You will also find more video clips of what we are currently up to on our facebook group site, enjoy

Just One Child
Just One Child is an orphanage based in Johannesburg consisting of 2 homes and house mothers who care for orphaned children living with disabilities and or HIV. ESC was asked to assist them in developing their food gardens on site.
For ESC this was a wonderful opportunity to get the entire Johannesburg community involved. By using various social media platform we invited people from all walks of life from all across Gauteng to lend a hand. The results were amazing! People showed up with tools, seeds and seedlings and got busy digging up the lawn, mixing in compost and planting food alongside these children. It was a truly inspirational event as everyday people pitched up in their numbers to do their part.
After a hard days work we got to spend some time socializing over a shared meal and then came the special event for the kids. Each person was asked to bring a gift for these children and most people brought more than 1 which meant that these children where given plenty of gifts as the society recognized their amazing value to us.
Thank to all those who made this event so wonderful.

Nina Bloem has a new idea which is taking over.

A big part of the environmental solution is getting the word out. We at ESC enjoy playing with camera and we sometimes get the chance to talk to some of the people who are doing amazing things for the environment.
Nina Bloem is one of these amazing people.
She has been creating employment for a group of woman and recycling old bill boards into bags. She has a stall at the Rosebanks Sunday Rooftop Market where she sells an amazing range of bags for men and woman with material reclaimed from landfill sites and converted into trendy bags of all sizes.
Shes doing an amazing job by creating products from what would waste and teaching us all a lesson in using and reusing what we find around us.
Great work Nina

The fabulous Joe Matimba
Anyone who knows the permaculture community in South Afrika has heard the name "Joe Matimba". His vast knowledge, practical skills and booming laugh has earned him a reputation amongst the greats in the South Afrikan Permaculture scene.
In this video we get to see Joe in action educating and inspiring young people in a creating fun way.
Joe Matimba was sent to assist us by Food and trees for Africa who have been instrumental in making this project a success by providing constant support with training and resources.

Joe, your the man!!!

Victor and Mary's Backyard Farm
I doubt the solution to the world problems will come from the people in power, instead its the grass roots people, people like you and me and Victor and Mary who will lead the way into a world where we return to living in harmony with the Earth.
In this short video Victor and Mary show us what they are doing in their backyard to feed themselves and support the environment. Its simple and easy, with a bit of sweat and passion we can all convert our spaces into productive food producing gardens.

Keep it up Victor and Mary

 Rietvallei Secondary School Food Garden

ESC has been working with teachers and learners at Rietvallei Secondary School in Krudersdorp, Gauteng helping them to develop their food garden at the school which will provide them with their own local organic produce which will become part of the schools feeding scheme produce.

The learners have enthusiastically embraced the project and taken it on as their own cultivating not just crops but leadership and care within themselves.

Great work guys.


Growing Support for Rietvallei Schools Food Garden
"If you build it they will come" goes the old saying and its true! The garden at Rietvallei School has been attracting attention from all over. Food and Trees for Africa have been amazing with their support of expertise and resources as well as connecting the schools garden to other sponsors. A volunteer day was created to get people off the couch and into the garden. Alongside learners, people from all over Johannesburg showed up to lend a hand getting the garden ready for its next round of planting.
Carlien and her friends and family contributed with food (which made the day an amazing hit), time and energy and got the community out in full swing while the fabulous Joe Matimba directed people in what to do to make the garden something special.
Thank you to all those people who showed up to make this happen.

Tony Lopez shows off his Wood Gas Stove
Tony Lopez is an electrical engineer who has a passion for the environment. His always tinkering in his workshop creating energy efficient gadgets that are kinder to the earth.
He runs his car an Opel Corza 1.7d off used cooking oil and did the conversion all on his own and has retro fitted his home into an eco-haven using less energy at every point.
In this video he shows us a simple and effective way to cook food using a handful of wood chips which creates enough heat energy for him to cook a meal on by extracting the gas out of the wood and burning the gas rather than the wood.

Amazing ideas from an amazing man

Backyard Bio Diesel
Its amazing what people can do to save the planet as well as their pockets!
A local Johannesburg businessman is converting used cooking oil into biodiesel which he uses to run 8 trucks and 2 BMW's.
After seeing an insert on TV about how to make biodiesel from used vegetable oil he built his own processing plant and now he saves himself a fortune on transport costs and saves the Earth from the pollution of fossil fuel.

In this video he takes us through how he did it.

The Attic makes a difference with just R5

The Attic restaurant burst onto the food scene with a passion for fabulous food and a charming style.
Owner Martin Jakoby talks about what they are doing to support children living on the street by inviting guests to add r5 to their bill which goes towards Street Wise an organization which feeds children living on the street. This clever simple solution gives patrons the opportunity to add a small or large amount to their bill which makes a major difference in the lives of so many of South Afrika's children who spend their days begging on the streets.
Its an amazing idea and wonderful people who are making a major difference.

If you sit down to a meal and see a Street Wise card on the table please make a contribution to this amazing cause.